Main Entry: grunĚtle
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: back-formation from disgruntle

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I invoke the unholy gods of ASCII art, in the name of education about character sets.

why can't amar read (unicode)?


Man, we finally got around to finishing Wind Waker.

wind waker


We had lived in Houston for almost two months without a drop of rain. That changed today.

first rain


"Now it gets interesting. You start to swap out the monkeys, slowly, one by one. New monkeys will observe the situation and decide to climb the ladder; it is likely that the other monkeys, who know what will happen, will beat him to death rather than endure the punishment."

freston on corporate-culture


Why my hatred for MSIE makes it harder to love PNG.



I admit it — I screwed up the dinner reservations. But Erin saved Valentine's Day.

valentine's day 2002


"I told him I recognized him from the picture on his books, to which he replied with a smile, 'That was a mistake.' :-)"

a coworker's run-in with bjarne


Why bother having lived in Boston for a year if not for the scraper in the trunk?



"Welcome to Houston. To the uninitiated, a tangle of highways and office buildings; to the city snob, an inscrutable morass of industry and the poster child for urban sprawl."

houston 2001 photo-essay


"I just have to gush about Apple's new power adapter design, especially since I've already been burned (literally) by the Yo-Yo adapter. "

titanium power


Sunday night in front of the TV.



"The situation looked dire. I went back to my desk and did the only reasonable thing: gripe."

grounds for termination


"I won't again see the couch where my wife watched me eat the food she'd brought at midnight, wondering when I would realize that I was slowly burning out."

requiem for having been


"But this particular message... well, let me just say that it's one of the best I have Ever Seem."

prepare to be amazing!

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