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Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001.

I just have to gush about Apple's new power adapter design, especially since I've already been burned (literally) by the Yo-Yo adapter. (There's very little provision in the Yo-Yo to distribute shear force away from the wire-to-dc-plug junction. The wires in mine eventually fatigued and sparked out, scorching the inside of the (translucent) cable and failing to reliably deliver power. I ended up soldering them back together, but it's damnably ugly. Maybe I'll take pictures of that sometime.)

Anyway, here's the new design:

the power brick ensemble

the dc plug, with cap

The basic design: The AC/DC converter (which is remarkably light) has a socket that accepts a "duck head" (apparently the official term) to make the final journey to AC. There's a direct duck head, which turns the brick into something like a traditional small-electronics power brick; there's also a cable duck head, which gives you a little more reach (as well as enabling you to keep most of the (more fragile) DC wire wound up on the brick and instead expose the sturdier AC wire to tripping, kicking, etc.).

Other features: The DC cable winding prongs are retractable, and there's a little plastic cap you can place over the DC plug. Duck heads are available for non-US outlets as well.

the direct duck head

the cable duck head

Look, it's just cool, OK?

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