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I am currently a software engineer at Google, where as a member of the Android platform team I build frameworks and user interfaces.

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October 31st, 2008

So, this is a great experiment in undesign; I’ve gotten great comments both here and on Twitter [@cbowns @boredzo @cromulence @uliwitness @brettp].

But I’ve got a few actual blog posts in the queue, and if I want anyone to attempt to read them, I need to put this damn thing back together. So keep an eye out for a return to readability, but for today enjoy an even-more-eye-assaulting Halloween color scheme.

3 responses

  1. Todd  

    Seriously, I had to view source to read it. And now you’re forcing me to read my own comment in yellow-on-white. Why do you hate me? Also: random CSS bits are attacking this blog entry.

    comment posted at 11:10 am on 31 Oct 2008

  2. alan  

    Haha, now I see the yellow on white, lovely!

    Srsly, wtf u !fix site 4?

    comment posted at 1:56 am on 01 Nov 2008

  3. Experimental: Twitter for comments  

    [...] of dsandler.org late last year, I mentioned it on Twitter (where a few people had already been offering complaints about my intentionally awful interim design). I received a few comments on the blog post itself, [...]

    comment posted at 1:59 pm on 26 Feb 2009

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