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September 10th, 2008

I hadn’t planned to post anything here until after a modest redesign, but nature has forced my hand.

So there’s this hurricane. It’s kind of a big deal—currently forecast to be nearly as large as Katrina, if not her equal, and currently on a beeline for Houston/Galveston. Dr. Masters of the Weather Underground projects damage in the tens of billions of dollars as a result of a massive storm surge and damaging Category 4 winds at landfall.

I don’t expect to update dsandler.org a whole bunch; instead I’ll be posting to Twitter over the course of the next few days as E and N and I shelter in place down in Sugar Land with the in-laws. We’re likely to be slightly closer to the center of the storm, but on much higher ground, with access to more resources (larger vehicles, a generator, more people to watch the Boy, etc).

With any luck, this will be just another Adventure to tell and re-tell. “You know, you lived through a major hurricane, when you were just two months old…”

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  1. regan  

    Hurricane season just kills me. I wish and hope that a big one doesn’t head to NOLA, but then I have to deal with the fact that I’m basically wishing for destruction to happen to other people in another city. Hardly seems fair to anyone.

    Bunker down, horde your tuna, and make sure you have buckets of water handy to flush toilets.

    comment posted at 11:03 am on 11 Sep 2008

  2. Amanda  

    I feel terrible that I’m not there to weather the storm with you guys – odd, but after four years, I guess I became more of a Houstonian than I thought I had. I’m glad to hear that you’re on higher ground and will be with family. Stay safe and twitter as much as you can so we know that you’re all okay. I’m sending all my love south!

    comment posted at 11:15 am on 12 Sep 2008

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