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July 8th, 2005

Yesterday it rained for the first time in ages.

I reached out to touch it, as if to say,

“You know, you’re always welcome.”

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  1. dsandler  

    Pretty much how it went on Wednesday as I was waiting at a traffic light:

    NPR interrupted by an EBS tone
    Rod Rice announces a Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    the NPR feed resumes
    it begins to pour rain

    comment posted at 1:29 pm on 08 Jul 2005

  2. dsandler  

    Had a similar experience today, except it was

    * KACC starts the first notes of “Gimme Shelter”
    * drops begin to fall
    * Mick Jagger begins to sing

    comment posted at 10:28 pm on 12 Jul 2005

  3. dsandler.org ≡ Rain king.  

    [...] 12:14 pm / art google my sketch I’ve been wondering lately why the doodle of my Scion in the rain has been cropping up all over the Internet in blog entries and forum posts. Finally, I decided to run a Google Image search for “rain”; sure enough, dsandler.org makes the front page. [...]

    comment posted at 12:14 pm on 13 Oct 2005

  4. Megg  

    i love this piece…
    simple and as complex as that…

    comment posted at 12:07 am on 14 Nov 2005

  5. dsandler.org ≡ Strong storms.  

    [...] Wow, the rain today is intense. Good thing I’m not out driving around in it this time. [...]

    comment posted at 12:59 pm on 14 Dec 2005

  6. bob  

    well.may i know what’s the name of the artist who drew that picture?

    comment posted at 6:32 am on 08 Jan 2006

  7. dsandler  

    Artist: Dan Sandler. :)

    comment posted at 8:37 pm on 08 Jan 2006

  8. Cricket’s Corner : Going to the Big City!  

    [...] Well today I get to drive in the rain and yucky weather over the the Big City – Indianapolis to be exact. I generally hate going to Indy because I am just not a Big City kind of girl. I get nervous when I drive over by myself worried that I will get lost or the heavy traffic will make my nerves worse, but the last few times I have actually done pretty good. I just hate driving in the rain mostly. The good thing is that I got my new lenses in my glasses the other day so I shouldn’t have any trouble seeing street signs! LOL [...]

    comment posted at 6:14 am on 09 Mar 2006

  9. "Hatxihoi" means "Sneeze" in English  

    Wow! Rain, here comes!
    I love this piece…

    comment posted at 1:33 pm on 31 Jul 2007

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