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November 3rd, 2008

It occurred to me that, in the unlikely event that I start blogging in earnest again, nobody will want to read any of it with the site in this state.

So I’m firing up my first draft of a long, long, long-awaited dsandler.org refresh. At first glance it probably looks like just another tightly-tracked Helvetica design; while I do believe that that particular Max Miedinger Old Style look is timeless, I’m actually going for something a little different. Font nerds with Avenir (or Gotham, a slightly boxier substitute) installed will see more of what I’m going for: something a little more open and friendly. [Update: See a screenshot of the Avenir version.]

Feedback is welcome in the comments or shouted to @dsandler.

Twitter feedback

al3x @dsandler I’d click it.

boredzo @dsandler Much improved; thank you.

dangerdave @dsandler v. pretty. But the Avenir family is expensive: I can’t afford Sandler Platinum.

davidrperry @dsandler new layout = elegant & clean. I did get a kick out of the temp version, though!

6 responses

  1. eric  

    mostly gorgeous; suck++! spacing looks a little tight in Camino. I have no font nerd fonts.

    comment posted at 12:34 am on 04 Nov 2008

  2. Chris Liscio  

    Jealous! Seriously, if these are your _drafts_…

    comment posted at 5:46 am on 04 Nov 2008

  3. dsandler  

    @eric: the body text spacing or the headline spacing?

    comment posted at 9:12 am on 04 Nov 2008

  4. eric  

    The body text (I’m starting to get used to it, though). The headlines are gorgeous.

    comment posted at 5:13 pm on 04 Nov 2008

  5. Darryl  


    Although I suspect that neither Linotype nor H&FJ have terms of use that would allow you to convert their fonts for embedding. :-P

    comment posted at 12:01 am on 18 Nov 2008

  6. Experimental: Twitter for comments  

    [...] offering complaints about my intentionally awful interim design). I received a few comments on the blog post itself, but just as many via Twitter, so I decided to (laboriously!) copy some of those messages [...]

    comment posted at 10:10 am on 05 Mar 2009

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