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I am currently a software engineer at Google, where as a member of the Android platform team I build frameworks and user interfaces.

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The Eames Era.

April 29th, 2006

The Eames Era played outside Valhalla today during the GSA Spring Picnic. I was, uh, a little overwhelmed, I guess.

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April 24th, 2006

Book and Volume by Nick Montfort. Extra-geeky, highly quirky: my kind of humor (i.e., unsafe for normal people).

You head north on Abalone...

Abalone & Second
A familiar whiff rustles a flood of memories free.

Well, not a flood, maybe. But there was that pepperoni and mushroom thin-crust you consumed right after moving in, after solving the difficult solid geometry puzzle posed by your doorway and your one piece of legacy, non-flat-pack furniture. The movers went away shaking their heads that afternoon. You did the Snoopy dance of triumph.

Hungry city

April 23rd, 2006

Upon reading this WaPo article1 about DC Snacks (a Kozmo-like service for customers living within a mile of the White House), I promptly checked out dcsnacks.com, expecting a q&d student website. It’s actually really slick; well-organized and mouthwatering at every turn. Very professional. (Those K Street types probably won’t order from you if you seem shady. Well, they won’t order food from you.)

1 Actually, this Chronicle version, which doesn’t require registration to read.

Dyed for our sins?

April 20th, 2006
erinmak: “This year’s winner for the Bizarre Blending of Holidays Award: making egg salad for Passover out of the dyed Easter eggs nobody wants.”

Done, done, on to the next one

April 19th, 2006
Just sent off a paper submission (re-running pdflatex right up until the last minute, as usual). Tomorrow morning: back to grading and my MS thesis with renewed vigor. It’s all about 残心.


April 17th, 2006

I left California so I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap. Update 4/18: More blackouts are possible today, as the temperatures will again be above normal (91° forecast, still below the record for today) and power generation plants are still down for maintenance.

Catching up.

April 14th, 2006

Wow, I’ve been busy. So busy that my advisor even said, “You know, I’ve dumped way more than the average grad student load on you. If you need to, you know, take May off, I’d understand.”

Catching up with people I care about around the CyberNetWebIntosh: E forces her students to make decisions. Amar has discovered a “6 foot 7inch Jew [who] Will Freestyle Rap For You.” Jason is working on reverse-engineering the Texpresso so he and Regan can survive life in California.

And now, for webcomics nurdz only. Some brilliant webcomics from the last couple of days: Appropriately-named Tut Tut dissects our future sarcophagi; PBF offers a very Gorey story; Jeff Rowland comments on the question-block controversy. Also note that the Penny-Arcade podcast (which now has a proper RSS feed) is actually kind of worth listening to. You may be resisting it because podcasts are terrible and you don’t want to start hating the P-A guys, but (largely because they’re really just talking to each other and aren’t addressing a putative “audience”), it’s generally pretty entertaining.

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