A few things I’ve been thinking about, some by way of explanation:

  • I continue to find our dual celebration of holidays amusing. Neither Dan nor I “feel” Christian in any way, but we’re also not going to turn down the Cadbury creme eggs when they come around. This year’s winner for the Bizarre Blending of Holidays Award: making egg salad for Passover out of the dyed Easter eggs nobody wants. My mom was particularly pleased by this since, as she pointed out, “We could probably dye twice as many of them, but then they’re leftover and you have to eat them.”
  • Unrelated (1): I’m strangely addicted to Conviction right now. It has the soothing properties of a L&O franchise, which allow me to just let the cases wash over my brain and swirl away the day’s stresses, but with the emotion and interpersonal drama of Grey’s Anatomy, which a normal L&O would never have. I actually look forward to the next new episode, like a fix.
  • Unrelated (2): My semester will be over in two weeks. Two weeks from today, in fact, my last paper of my first year of graduate school will be turned in. Also weird to contemplate: next year at this time, I’ll be graduating, M.A. in hand. It’s hard to believe that it’s this easy to get an M.A.

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