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Sorry, there's no proper help here yet.

More info coming soon, including screenshots for desktop users and online help for handheld users, etc., but you can basically figure it out from within the clipping app. If you have a blogger or account, you'll be able to select that from the service menu and enter only your username and password. If your weblog is some other Blogger-API-compatible setup, you'll need to select "other" from the service menu and enter the RPC URL manually. Note: Manila/Radio weblogs do not currently support the getUsersBlogs() procedure, so you'll need to enter the URL of your weblog on the form when prompted. Also, the "save login info" checkbox will store your username and password so you don't have to login every time you enter the app. There are a few limitations, however: (1) the web clipping app doesn't support cookies, so these values are embedded in each form post that you make. If you cherish your Blogger-API password, this service might not be for you (then again, Blogger might not be for you in that case). (2) the system doesn't currently store the Manila weblog URL, so you'll have to reenter that every time you re-enter the app (but not every time you post). :: software :: palmos