Programmer by day, programmer by night: Amazing(*) software from

Support: I'm working on setting up a bug tracker, but in the meantime, you can get support or information by emailing software <at>

(*) For which “amazing” is defined as “some random, slapdash junk I managed to scrape together for your amusement.”

Mac OS X software.

I've recently started releasing new Mac software under the label toastycode. Check there for exciting new stuff like Pyrotheque (a new fireworks screensaver with an authentic retro 1980’s mode) and Cuckoo (hourly clock chimes, a feature sorely missing from OS X).

Previously, I wrote a few screensavers for OS X, enhanced versions of originals written for BeOS: Foam, Message, Lissart, Buy Now.

Scripts & plugins for vim.

I was an unrepentant gnuemacs junkie all through college, but halfway through my first real job I discovered that I needed to master a powerful editor that I'd be likely to find everywhere — on our Windows NT workstations, in our spartan Solaris production environment, on my Linux box. I released the part of my brain consumed by the arcane commands of one editor, and devoted it wholly to the arcana of another one. And once you go vim, you never go back.

I'm in the middle of several evolving vim projects. The first is the Eddie package for vim, which attempts to replicate a few of my favorite features from Eddie (the BeOS programmer's editor par excellence). You can read more about it in the (incomplete) help file.

Other scripts:

Palm OS software.

plog is a weblog tool for Palm OS and other handhelds. It's a set of stripped-down, wireless-friendly webpages that provide basic access to any weblog supporting the Blogger API 1.0. There's some extra code to support automatic login on the i705 and VIIx, too. Read more on the plog page or test-drive the interface.

A very long time ago (like, 2001) I whipped up a gateway to scale Diesel Sweeties comics down to roughly 1:1 pixels, to fit (one panel at a time) on a Palm display. It worked pretty well until Richard started getting creative with the panel sizes; fortunately, most of the day-to-day strips are quite viewable. You can download the ’sweeties web clipping app.

BeOS software.

While I worked at Be, I managed to generate some truly lame hacks:

More info on the BeOS software page.

Tidbits &c.

The software junkpile.