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Christmas lights in the Houston area are always a treat. Sugar Land offers an interesting mix of home-grown decorations and professional installations. You too can experience the spectacle (as seen through the window of a moving car). Note: While there is no photographic evidence, a Robo-Santa was definitely spotted.

texas house 1.jpg red, white, and blue 2.jpg
road.jpg blurry001.jpg fred baptist church.jpg blurry013.jpg gothic.jpg blurry042.jpg
bright mansion.jpg luminaries.jpg

frosties.jpg red, white, and blue.jpg usa deer house 1.jpg cross house 3.jpg

Erin's sister Kelly brought her toy fox terrier Mimi to stay with her (and us) for a few days. I bet she and Maku (the beagle) still have teeth-marks on their ears.

hello, what's this.jpg maku tries to sleep.jpg
you can't resist me.jpg mimi plays coy.jpg mimi profile.jpg the lion and the lamb.jpg
hey, i love you!.jpg the definitive mimi closeup.jpg

The Christmas village is an annual Maku creation. (Hand-painted, illuminated, properly zoned.)

cinema, barber, sled.jpg
12-24 firehouse.jpg 12-24 the suburbs.jpg trees and flags.jpg
outskirts.jpg houses on the hill.jpg house of nutcracker.jpg

Erin and I also ran into Zvi, on holiday from his consulting business in Boston.

erin, zvi, and chuy
hwy 90 610 and 90 610 and 90
dan, zvi, erin
zvi shoots himself

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