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houston 2001 :: galveston island ... and "deeper texas"

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About an hour southeast of Houston is Galveston Island. We decided to take a quick drive to stand on the seawall and look out over the Gulf of Mexico. (Too cold for swimming this time, though I do miss the Galveston beaches. Maybe a couple of summers from now.)


flamingo islesmokestacks411.jpg

sign - galveston island sign - jct 45 bridges
cones sign - west beach

moody 1moody 2moody 3

420.jpg approaching seawall

ocean 1pier 1gullgulls and riffraff

erin seawall 1erin seawall 2erin seawall 3

gullsseawallhigh gullsmore seawall

pier (opposite) pier end of pier
caution drop off

surf distant trawler sandbar and trawler
gulls gulls and surf
gulls and surf birds in the tide

architectureflagship hotelsun-tingedblue skysign - 45 and 87bridgedrawbridgedrawbridgesign - tiki island

This is the part I like to call deeper Texas. I'm sure there's even deeper Texas out there, but I was surprised at all the strange things we found just between Galveston and Houston if you take State Highway 6 back instead of U.S. 45.

sign - hwy 6

Who wouldn't want free rent? And $531 for a two-bedroom. Oh, Toto, we're not in San Francisco anymore!

rental pricesfree rent

Okay, a little further out, we reach Hitchcock, TX, which apparently is the "home of good ole days". (Um, good to know.) And even the residents of Santa Fe, TX (next on our way north) need DRAM.

good ole days 1more good ole dayssign - highland bayoucomputer sales

Also in Santa Fe: Pignataro, the weird house that time forgot.


Just before we leave Santa Fe for Alvin, the two little gems that make the trip worthwhile. First up, it's the Jockey Club. Apparently there's dancing nightly, but I have a hard time believing it's in that little shack. (But I bet you can fit a lot of jockeys in there.)

jockey clubjockey club signjockey club shack

Lastly, a flooring store proudly flying (in order, from top) the Stars and Stripes, the Lone Star state flag, and ... yep, them's the Stars and Bars. This here's a friendly town.


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