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the 'soothing green light' slashdot shirt

Hey, I seem to have scored an honorable mention in Slashdot's recent t-shirt design contest. Be sure to take a look at the winners and other honorable mentions. “It's an honor just to be nominated!”

The shirt

Coverage on dsandler.org

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The winning shirt designs are available now on ThinkGeek:

the aforementioned “soothing green light”
Volatile Hyperlinkage by Scott Lewallen (slick!)
News w/ Nerd Slant by Jude Hansen
Mainline Geek Culture by Chris Hoover

The design

Provided for your personal use only (see the fine print). “Personal use” includes using up all the ink in your marketing department's poster plotter, so get to it!

dsandler slashdot shirt, in black
in black
dsandler slashdot shirt, in white (version 1)
in white (1)
dsandler slashdot shirt, in white (version 2)
in white (2)
dsandler slashdot shirt, in white (version 3)
in white (3)

Full shirt text


bathing geeks in its
“soothing green light”
since nineteen ninety-seven


Extra happy fun corner

My concept sketch, from very late on 7/31/03 (the night before the deadline, bien sûr):


fig. 1 Life imitates art imitating life.


I shouldn't really have to say this, but this artwork is an original design of mine; the copyright now belongs, as per §9, ¶2 of the contest rules to OSDN. Hopefully they won't be upset with me for providing this version of the artwork here as part of my portfolio. So please, respect the copyright (t-shirt design by Dan Sandler, © 2003 OSDN) and use these PDFs for your personal amusement only.