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BeMan goes home.

May 29th, 2007

As I am no doubt the last person to point out, Google Maps has added a street level view to (a few) urban areas. It’s the first Google app (besides Picasa) that I’m aware of that requires Flash, but it’s also (as fellow Be alumnus pixelknave points out) the first Google app to feature the Be Man:

Fig. 1. The BeOS Man. Fig. 2. The Google Maps Man.

I guess it was only a matter of time, given that there are so many Be alums at Google now. I figured I’d send him home after all this time away (screenshot).

Update: The Google Maps Man now has his own instructional video.

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  1. JBQ  

    Well, he doesn’t have his usual silver head, so it’s not quite him. An Asian relative, maybe?

    comment posted at 7:39 am on 30 May 2007

  2. Dan Vanderkam  

    Google Finance also requires Flash, which causes no end of grief amongst the Linux folks (e.g. everyone) here.. How did I never find out that you used to work at Be?

    comment posted at 10:36 am on 30 May 2007

  3. SteveH  

    When I used BeOS and a Psion Series 5 I used a replacement for the Psion system application that had a very BeOS look and feel. It was a bit disconcerting how much the developer had ripped-off the icons. Screenshot available at

    It probably goes beyond homage!

    comment posted at 12:50 pm on 30 May 2007

  4. dsandler  

    I think we lost your link, there.

    (As I recall, our general counsel spent a good deal of time hunting down people stealing the axonometric icons from BeOS.)

    comment posted at 9:16 am on 31 May 2007

  5. SteveH  


    If this fails just Google for ‘corisoft software DCP’

    comment posted at 4:19 pm on 31 May 2007

  6. dsandler  

    DanVK: I don’t know, you never asked? Yeah, I was there at the end.

    comment posted at 11:22 am on 02 Jun 2007

  7. dsandler  

    LoTechTrackback: OSNews link.

    comment posted at 9:07 am on 05 Jun 2007

  8. scot hacker’s foobar blog » The Long Zoom  

    [...] Dan Sandler points out that Google Street View (which is mind blowing both in its power and its privacy implications) is not only one of the few Google apps to require Flash, it’s also “the first Google app to feature the Be Man:” [...]

    comment posted at 10:39 am on 06 Jun 2007

  9. Michael Morrissey  

    It’s definitely the Be man. I work at Google now, and I damn near fell over when I saw a bunch of people wearing (promotion) t-shirts sporting an even more isometric and Be-like icon of the little man. That icon style was a hell of a hit, huh?

    comment posted at 11:28 pm on 06 Jun 2007

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