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Other iT7 commentary.

September 12th, 2006

Other reviews of the iTunes 7 user interface are starting to roll in. Andy Matuschak says, simply, “What.” Rory Prior: a “death knell for Aqua”. Michael Tsai: “internally inconsistent and ugly”.

The benefit of waiting a few hours to chime in, I guess, is that you have time to carefully weigh your criticism and make it constructive. You know, instead of being all cranky and grumpy, like I was.

Update: David Chartier at TUAW has a series of articles walking through the new stuff in iTunes 7: big features, small features. Also, Dan Lurie seems pretty pleased about the demise of Aqua.

Update 2: Josh Buhler pokes a little harder at the scrollbars; Bruce Elgort appreciates the streamlined UI, once you get past the little issue of not knowing where your buttons are.

Update 3 (9/17): Daniel Wilson digs deep into color choices, interaction quirks, and lousy dialog button labels.

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    comment posted at 10:25 am on 17 Sep 2006

  2. The Dork Report » Blog Archive » The Dork Report for September 13, 2006  

    [...] Various interface changes, including non-glossy buttons and… heinous scrollbars! WTF? Icky grey-blue blobs that look like nothing else on a Mac anywhere! I’m not sure, but if these same scrollbars appear on the Windows version, then perhaps Apple wanted to make the user experience more uniform, and so they can advertise with images of iTunes that anybody will recognize as theirs. Dsandler.org has a great overview of the graphical user interface design nightmare and links to many others (spotted on Daring Fireball). [...]

    comment posted at 7:16 am on 19 Sep 2006

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    [...] Another detailed iTunes 7 interface critique. (spotted on Dsandler.org) [...]

    comment posted at 8:04 pm on 01 Oct 2006

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