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I am currently a software engineer at Google, where as a member of the Android platform team I build frameworks and user interfaces.

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Archive for September, 2006

iTunes 7.0.1

September 27th, 2006

FYI: iTunes 7.0.1 is now available on the iTunes site and via Software Update. (25.7 MB) No technote yet, but this is what SWUpdate has to say:

iTunes 7.0.1 addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more.

Update: How are you supposed to be able to turn off the MiniStore pane? Is there a “Close” button that I’m not seeing (maybe somewhere off the right-hand end of my screen’s 1024 pathetic pixels)? The pane I see offers a “Turn on MiniStore” button, but offers nothing in the way of a “No, thanks, go away” button. The window helpfully indicates the presence of a menu item to make the pane go away, but this is supremely irritating (given that all other iTunes panes can be opened and closed using window controls).

Update 2: Well, iT7 continues to lock my PowerBook up hard. [Background: Yes, I (stupidly) decided that a new iTunes version was a great opportunity to move my (meager, 14G) music library from the trusty old iMac to my PowerBook. I did this by dragging the library folder over AFP into iT7 running on the PB. Now, whenever I start iTunes 7, the PowerBook grinds to a halt, two-thirds of the way through the gapless-playback detection phase. Yes, the whole machine bogs down, quickly reaching a point where it stops responding to respond to any input events. A three-fingered salute is required.] I had hoped that the 7.0.1 update would fix this; it hasn’t. Now I’ve rebooted and, what’s this? My Spotlight indices have been destroyed. I’m watching the stupid magnifying glass pulse its way () through my hard disk, making everything ridiculously slow as it does so. I was trying to work, dammit!

Auditions for our TiVo: Callbacks

September 27th, 2006

E presents a summary of what we’re watching this fall. (Some of it is definitely on probation.)

Dan and I realized after watching both Kidnapped and Heroes that the current template for a TV show pitch right now must be “OK, imagine a movie where X happens … and then instead of telling that story in two hours, we’re going to do it in 22 hours.” (See also Prison Break or, I suspect, The Nine.)

A fine patina of plaster…

September 26th, 2006

…left behind by (presumably) Rice IT, as they’ve been running cable for the new campus networking project. Now, last week they left a nice note saying that they had been in the office, but nothing appeared to have changed. This week there was no note; instead, plaster dust everywhere, desks moved, chairs re-arranged, and, oh yeah, they rebooted my Mac for fun. (!)

No more linky.

September 25th, 2006

So, I’ve gotten a couple of complaints about the automatic cross-posting from my del.icio.us links. So, I’ve turned it off. You’ll just need to remember to visit over there once in a while (or subscribe to the feed) to see what I’m busy reading (or planning @toread) instead of posting here.

Our TiVo runneth over

September 25th, 2006

E expresses her (our) joy at the start of a great TV season: “I know as a liberal I’m supposed to despise TV and feel ashamed every time I watch it, which you know I don’t.

links for 2006-09-25

September 25th, 2006
  • Never come across this one before. I think, looking back at #1, that this guy’s drafting chops have improved more than Gabe’s.

links for 2006-09-24

September 24th, 2006
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