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S5 fullscreen on OS X?

March 8th, 2006
Dear MacLazyWeb: anyone successfully used the S5 presentation system on a Mac, such that all toolbars and menu bars are entirely hidden? (I’ve tried most of the obvious things—none of the Firefox extensions seems to clear the menu bar, and webXkiosk is pretty clumsy (e.g. the URL it browses is hardcoded in the .plist, and there’s no drag-and-drop support, and once you remove the toolbar, there’s no way to alter the URL anymore, etc. Update: And now it crashes on launch, so, it’s right out). And Saft is not free.

2 responses

  1. Eric Meyer  

    I use a bookmarklet in Safari to spawn the window at 1024×768 with nothing but the title bar, which can’t be suppressed via JS so far as I know. Here it is:


    I think the 10,10 top,left values avoid some kind of weirdness whose exact nature now escapes me. Maybe I dreamt it. not sure. Anyway, it isn’t a true full-screen solution, but it’s worked well enough for me. Glad to hear you’re interested in S5!

    (And to obliquely respond to a question you asked in a previous post, I found this post through Technorati less than 90 minutes after you posted it. Since my Technorati feed updates once an hour, it was probably picked up well before that.)

    comment posted at 9:13 pm on 08 Mar 2006

  2. dsandler  

    Well, it almost works. The window isn’t quite full-screen—there are some gaps around the sides. The solution I really want (which, the more I read, is basically Saft) will take more engineering (a custom web app, a la Nagara, but without the menu bar. I guess Firefox/IE on Windows win the day on this one; they’ve had full-screen mode for years.

    (Also, a small demerit to WordPress for curly-quoting that JavaScript line.)

    comment posted at 9:37 pm on 08 Mar 2006

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