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What up, G?

January 25th, 2006

Monaco 9 has started acting really strange! The bitmapped capital “G” glyph has changed, becoming more compressed:   I just noticed it in Mail.app this morning, so it can’t have been like this for very long (can it?). Anyway, this is not what Monaco is supposed to look like…

Update: Is it something with Mail.app, then? Using M9 in iTerm, I can see the correct glyph: … and here’s TextEdit:   Bizarre.

Update 2: Oh noes, it’s spread to the “K” now!

Update 3 (Jan. 27): Fixed (see the comments).

5 responses

  1. Nate  

    You likely need to purge yr font cache. I had a problem a while ago with Safari mangling fonts; clearing the system font cache and rebooting cleared it up. Note that a reboot afterwards is necessary (and slow, as the cache is rebuilt).


    comment posted at 1:57 pm on 25 Jan 2006

  2. Michael Tsai - Blog - Clearing the Font Cache  

    [...] Daniel Sandler: [...]

    comment posted at 9:13 am on 27 Jan 2006

  3. Jonathan Wight  

    Oddly enough that happened to me this week too. I cleared the cache too. Why is this affecting everyone at the same time? The 10.4.4 update maybe?

    comment posted at 10:41 am on 27 Jan 2006

  4. dsandler  


    Clearing the font cache (I used Font Cache Expunger) did the trick. Thanks, maclazyweb!

    comment posted at 11:11 am on 27 Jan 2006

  5. dsandler  

    John “✪” Gruber offers an even simpler fix:

    … delete everything in this folder: /Library/Caches/com.apple.ATS/

    comment posted at 11:27 am on 27 Jan 2006

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