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July 21st, 2005

So, we’ve been playing a lot of Tetris recently, and I guess I kind of have it on the brain now.

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  1. Groovy Links  

    dsandler.org ≡ Tetris.

    Tetrisdreams illustrated. I know this feeling well. I also had a creepy “redonblack” fixation after playing too much Solitaire at a tempjob once….

    comment posted at 10:40 am on 21 Jul 2005

  2. Harbinger  

    Best Tetris

    We interrupt to bring you the following message: The best version of Tetris, especially for multiplayer, is The New Tetris on the N64. It’s the only reason I still have a ’64 lying around. We now resume normal broadcasting….

    comment posted at 1:49 pm on 22 Jul 2005

  3. dsandler.org ≡ Must. Clear. More. Lines.  

    [...] 12:35 am / game gradschool life Two grad students + lots of grading to do + big papers to write = back to playing Tetris. THE TINY CUBES, THEY HAUNT ME [...]

    comment posted at 12:35 am on 19 Mar 2006

  4. mike  

    hmmmm. tetris vs. dr. mario i wonder what would happen… therfore if we do too much we become what we surround ourselves with therfore.. we have become tetris blocks

    comment posted at 10:59 am on 02 Nov 2006

  5. dsandler  

    See also the Wikipedia article about the Tetris effect (which, as of recently, links back to this page!).

    comment posted at 1:55 pm on 18 Feb 2008

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