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Coffeehouse improvements.

January 24th, 2005

Wooden tables seating six replace the round four-seaters at the Coffeehouse.

They’ve begun making improvements to the Student Center, including the Coffeehouse (see previous dsandler.org coverage: 1 2). So far, only furniture has been added (as seen above, and elsewhere in the building).

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  1. katre  

    Wow, strange to see such changes at the old coffeehouse. I loved the mug I bought from them when I was there. Sadly, it broke during my recent move, so I’ve had to settle for other, less satisfactory, travel mugs.

    comment posted at 9:51 am on 24 Jan 2005

  2. dsandler.org ≡ In Rice/Houston coffee news  

    [...] Diedrich Coffee, the OC-based retailer and wholesaler (known in Houston for its beautiful now defunct Westheimer location, which was actually owned by a local Houston franchisee since all Diedrich company-owned stores were sold to Starbucks a couple of months ago), has been selected to provide coffee for the new Fondren Library Pavilion. The Thresher editors are cautiously optimistic and hope the new caffeine stand differentiates itself from the ever-improving Coffeehouse with longer hours (possible) or food (unlikely). [...]

    comment posted at 9:48 am on 13 Nov 2006

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