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Archive for February, 2004

On the 76th Oscars

February 29th, 2004
Erin, TiVo commander, on the Oscars: “Ugh, it’s even boring in fast-forward.”

100 Parking Lot Way, Manvel, TX

February 27th, 2004

Please find me at my new address:

100 Parking Lot Way
Manvel, TX

Hey, just kidding. (By the way, you see the four-car driveway at the far left of the picture? Yeah, they have two cars in the garage too. And at least one of the cul-de-sac cars belongs to them. Awesome!)

Update 10/2005: Entry un-blocked since we don’t live there anymore and aren’t trying to sell our house.


February 27th, 2004
You know, I didn’t know I was a sucker for over-voiceovered infographic animation. Until now: Man of Action!

Balkanization of email security

February 27th, 2004
As if it weren’t bad enough that several major players are proposing mutually-incompatible anti-spam (really, message-source authentication) measures, now Sendmail has announced it will support them all. This is terrible news: if more MTA providers attempt to sign on in a similar way, we will never be able to put the multiple-conflicting-implementations genie back in the bottle. The Internet works because there are standards; are we to return to the days of Prodigy and Compu$erve?

Push Button To Wait Anyway

February 27th, 2004
The city deactivated most of the pedestrian buttons long ago with the emergence of computer-controlled traffic signals, even as an unwitting public continued to push on, according to city Department of Transportation officials. More than 2,500 of the 3,250 walk buttons that still exist function essentially as mechanical placebos, city figures show. Any benefit from them is only imagined.

At least in NYC, the push-to-walk buttons are inactive. [via harbinger]

Me flask is ye flask

February 27th, 2004

[09:42:08] <erin> I want ye flask!

[09:42:30] <dsandler> Ye can’t get it.

[09:42:35] <dsandler> Too bad for thou.

[09:42:43] <erin> I want *your* flask, then.

New Paltz, NY

February 27th, 2004
This from the Burnt Orange Report (a liberal tex-politics blog out of UT Austin): New Paltz, NY will start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Friday. Look, this is a pattern. And if the laws of the land are supposed to evolve to mirror the evolving consensus of the land, then, consider recent events to be a clear indicator of “punctuated equilibrium” in popular opinion. And the law had better follow!
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