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I am currently a software engineer at Google, where as a member of the Android platform team I build frameworks and user interfaces.

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Ray Bradbury interviewed by Salon:

August 29th, 2001

Ray Bradbury interviewed by Salon:

If you can’t read and write you can’t think. Your thoughts are dispersed if you don’t know how to read and write. You’ve got to be able to look at your thoughts on paper and discover what a fool you were.
This is also wonderful and totally true:
What do you mean “in human terms”?

Places to eat. The secret of cities is eating. In Paris there are 20,000 restaurants. You go down Main Street, people are sitting out and people-watching — that’s what I’m talking about.

You know, that’s the secret of my relationship with my wife too. We eat together, all the time, in new and old venues, and tell each other new and old stories. It’s so true. (Maybe a city is like a huge marriage.)

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