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I am currently a software engineer at Google, where as a member of the Android platform team I build frameworks and user interfaces.

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From one of my recently-de-employed colleagues:

August 4th, 2001

From one of my recently-de-employed colleagues:

"Ford," he said, "how many escape capsules are there?"
"None," said Ford.
Zaphod gibbered.
"Did you COUNT them?" he yelled.
"Twice," said Ford.
...ran into it in a rumor file, figured I had to pass it back to /someone/

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  1. dsandler.org ≡ Airplanes.  

    [...] (Aside: The Big-Shot VP used to be very friendly with the engineering team, back in 2000 when he started as a Much More Reasonably-Sized Shot Project Manager. A year later, things were not going so well for Be; our big project had just imploded, our stock was in the toilet, and—although there was at least a chance of continued employment for the surviving employees—the office laser printers were seen to spit out résumés more and more frequently. Thus our VP wasn’t quite as empowering as he used to be.) [...]

    comment posted at 8:09 pm on 20 Apr 2008

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