Hello, world.

…a little blog for a little boy.


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Nathan has taken to making faces when eating, particularly if he’s eating tangy or sour foods, like carrots. As you can see in these photos, though, sometimes he does it just because he likes the smacky noises he can make when he releases Puckerface. We’ve taken to calling him “Puck” for short.

As you can also see from the photos, Puck likes the camera. This, combined with his love of bacon, is why we recently bought him a T-shirt that says “Little Ham.”


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Nathan has two teeth on the bottom, which came in about three weeks ago. The funny thing is that Dan and I each had a dream around the time they started coming in that he was getting teeth for the first time and that they were the bottom front two teeth. Et voilà!

What’s weirder is that while I was in quarantine this weekend, I had a dream that Nathan was getting more teeth — the top front two. When I mentioned this to Dan, by phone, the next day, his response was, “So did I!” So we’ll see how long it takes for Nate to catch up with our premonitions.

Bachelor pad.

So, we’ve been sick. All of us. At various times. If you’re reading this thinking “oh, I must have given it to one of them,” don’t worry about it: we’ve come in contact with at least a half-dozen people with assorted maladies and microbes.

At the moment, Nathan is a few days into his amoxicillin for a raging bilateral ear infection (precipitated by a cold) and feeling pretty good again; I’m mostly through a two-week bout with a similar cold. Unfortunately, Erin (who had pretty much recovered from her cold) has just come down with viral gastroenteritis (TMI? sorry), which prompted us to send her to stay with her folks for the weekend. It sounds extreme, but every time Nate gets sick, he starts leaning his head and stops working as hard on his development; moreover, gastroenteritis is particularly dangerous for babies (due to dehydration, potassium loss, and so on). So we’d really prefer to spare him the second round of illness that we’ve each enjoyed.

The upshot (if you can call it that) is that this is therefore Boys’ Weekend (all we need is a treehouse) and we are doing some serious hanging out. Today included snacks (peas; oatmeal) and a trip to Rice to see the sights (Nathan’s favorites: a red Mini Cooper, a leering squirrel, and the welder on the Wellness Center construction site who waved back). We also had dinner together and then finished up with some activities: rolling over to reach toys, and clapping.

We miss Nathan’s mom quite a lot, and can’t wait to see her Sunday night…but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a fun Saturday.

First day at school

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I’m so totally into labels

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It’s the night before Nathan’s first day at school, which means breaking out the shiny new label maker (which I have secretly always wanted anyway), Sharpies, and fabric pens (hard to find!).

Too much going on lately to blog about it: first teeth, first airplane trip (to see the grandparents in Florida), rolling over back-to-front, sudden increase in hair, etc. I’m a little backlogged on the photos and Erin’s a little backlogged on the prose, but I hope to get caught up soon (because with the semester starting we’re really about to be strapped for time).

Happy Chanukah!

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Go, Rice!

Nathan is seen here bundled up for the coldest day that he’s ever seen (high today 55°). Many thanks to Amanda for the snuggly hat!

He’s also wearing his Rice sweatshirt, because we decided today that he’ll be attending the Rice Children’s Campus as his daycare come January. We toured today, and it’s just so beautiful and well-staffed that we can’t pass it up. He’ll be right with his dad all day long, in what Dan calls “a better office than either of ours.”

Nathan is also very happy about Rice’s trouncing of UH last weekend, and he looks forward to the Texas Bowl. Not least because that’s the last day he’ll get to see his mom for a few days, before she gets her thyroid irradiated and has to stay away from him for awhile.

And the little one said, “Roll over!”

Five times today, in fact. Will attempt to catch him on camera for you tomorrow.

Update 12/2: Footage, as promised:

(Also: iPhone version)


Another milestone passed: Nathan had his first bite of cereal last night. His doctor wanted us to thicken what he’s eating to help prevent reflux.

And the verdict? He loved it. (I thought it was awful, but what do I know? I’m not a baby.)

[Photo credit: Erin, who incidentally says the cereal is tasty and tastes like cream of wheat.]

Nathan speaks

Google’s iPhone application recently acquired voice-recognition technology, which is designed for grown-ups to search for things faster. We’ve also discovered that it can translate baby:

It’s nice to know what he’s trying to say. I think he wanted to buy an A-series Hoover vacuum, and he thought the best place to find it would be either Ennis, TX, or Boone, NC.