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Last day of school

Nathan had his last day at Rice Children’s Campus last week. It was a sad day all around. We will miss the wonderful teachers there. We’ve found a great daycare for him in Massachusetts, too, but this will have a special place in our hearts as the first one. His teachers were so thoughtful, and [...]

New Photos

  We’ve gotten hints that we haven’t been uploading enough photos recently, so here’s a big batch of the cutest boy. In fact, Nathan’s so cute, he stops traffic and brings it back around for a second look! We were out at dinner the other night, and an older woman [...]


Nathan has taken to making faces when eating, particularly if he’s eating tangy or sour foods, like carrots. As you can see in these photos, though, sometimes he does it just because he likes the smacky noises he can make when he releases Puckerface. We’ve taken to calling him “Puck” for short. As you can also [...]


Nathan has two teeth on the bottom, which came in about three weeks ago. The funny thing is that Dan and I each had a dream around the time they started coming in that he was getting teeth for the first time and that they were the bottom front two teeth. Et voilà! What’s weirder is [...]

Go, Rice!

Nathan is seen here bundled up for the coldest day that he’s ever seen (high today 55°). Many thanks to Amanda for the snuggly hat! He’s also wearing his Rice sweatshirt, because we decided today that he’ll be attending the Rice Children’s Campus as his daycare come January. We toured today, and it’s just so beautiful [...]

Nathan speaks

Google’s iPhone application recently acquired voice-recognition technology, which is designed for grown-ups to search for things faster. We’ve also discovered that it can translate baby: “Ehhhhhhhhh” → “Ennis, TX” A screamed “AAAAAAAAAAA” → the letter “A“ “Eeeee cuh” → “Back to” (which yielded Back to the Future as a search result) “Eh unhh aaaaa” → “Boone“ “Eh Eh Eh” → [...]

First Halloween!

Nathan dressed up as a turtle (Squirt, from Finding Nemo, to be specific), along with his cousin, Daniel. Uncle Marty got them matching costumes before they were even born. The boys didn’t stay in their costumes all that long, though, because they got fussy. Fortunately, Mom had prepared for just that situation, and so [...]


Nathan has been through some serious adventures in the last few weeks. First there was the hurricane, for which we hunkered down at Grandma and Grandpa Makulski’s house. Then, when they had no power for four days after the hurricane, we drove up to Aunt Kelly’s house in Dallas (Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t get power [...]

Best and worst buys

Worst $100 spent on The Boy: the Simplicity 3-in-1 Close Sleeper Bassinet. We had already decided weeks ago that it was the worst $100 spent, because he outgrew it within two weeks and it was haunted. Then we learned this weekend that it had been recalled because of two infant deaths. The only upside is [...]

Back to work

Dan went back to work full-time yesterday, and Nathan definitely noticed the change. He really couldn’t take his eyes off Dan when he came home from work and all through the evening. He seemed to be thinking, “Dad, where were you all day?” I told him just to wait until January when Mom goes back [...]