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“Nathan Sandler reading.”

Tonight as Nathan was getting ready for bed, he refused to let Dan sit down with him to read books. Instead, he got in his chair, picked up The Snowy Day, and opened it, saying, “Snowy Day. Nathan Sandler reading.” And proceeded to look through it “all by myself.” So I guess we’re done parenting now. [...]

Nathan would like to read you a story

Two hundred

Nathan talks a lot. I mean, a lot. He repeats what we say, sure, but he has plenty of words of his own—that is, words he can use unprompted to identify things in his world or ideas that occur to him. We’re in Houston for the holidays and it occurred to us to count how many [...]

Hello from Boston!

Hi again, friends. We’ve all been busy moving in to a new house, starting new jobs and new schools, and adjusting to life in a new city. It’s kind of exhausting! There are more new photos of The Boy (and, occasionally, his parents) over on my Flickr page. Here are a few to get you started: Finally, Nathan [...]

One year old.

We can’t believe it, but here we are. The boy has grown (and grown…and grown) and is—at month twelve of life—completely awesome. So, you know, we threw a party to mark the occasion. Like you do. Fig. 1.   Mushface. A tradition around here—of which I was unaware until my niece Emily’s first birthday, [...]


As you may know, I have been steadfastly enforcing a strict “no haircuts” policy for The Boy; this course of action has been consistently supported by Grandma Makulski, but on some level I think we’ve both always known it couldn’t go on forever. So: for his first birthday, a first haircut.

11 months old.

We’ve been bad parents. Well, bad parent bloggers, anyway. Two whole months went by without a single update here; you’d think nothing was going on with The Boy. On the contrary, he’s been expanding his vocabulary, playing with new toys, learning to eat everything he can get his hands on (even matzah), taking trips [...]

Fighting techniques.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of interacting with Nathan in the last few days will agree that he seems to be training for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Here are some of his unstoppable new moves: Fig. 1: Head-butting. Fig. 2: Hair-pulling. Fig. 3: Eye-gouging. Fig. 3: Make-up hugging.

Bachelor pad.

So, we’ve been sick. All of us. At various times. If you’re reading this thinking “oh, I must have given it to one of them,” don’t worry about it: we’ve come in contact with at least a half-dozen people with assorted maladies and microbes. At the moment, Nathan is a few days into his amoxicillin for [...]

First day at school