Two hundred

Nathan talks a lot. I mean, a lot. He repeats what we say, sure, but he has plenty of words of his own—that is, words he can use unprompted to identify things in his world or ideas that occur to him.

We’re in Houston for the holidays and it occurred to us to count how many words Nate really has. Experts seem to vary on the subject of how many words the average 18-month-old has, but the average seems to be around 10–20.

Nathan has 200. Seriously. The full list follows:

airplane all-done animal apple applesauce arm arrow baby bag ball banana bat bath-time bean bear beep-beep belly-button big big-kid bird blocks blue boo-boo book boom bottle box boy bread breathe brown bubbles bunny bus butterfly bye camel car cat caterpillar chanukah cheese chicken chip clock cookie cooking cool corn couch cracker cricket crocodile cup did-it dinner dino dog down duck eat egg fish french-fry fruit get-down girl glasses go good grape green guy happy hat head heart hello help hi high hippo home honk-honk hot house hurt juice keys kitchen knee ladder lights me meat medicine mess milk money monkey moon more mouth muffin music my night nine no noodle octopus oh-no out ow park peacock pee people pickle piggy pillow plate play please poo-poo potato pretty puppy purple puzzle raining raisin read red rhino rice ring rocket roll round-and-round shark shoes sit-down sky snake snow spoon star thank-you tickle train truck tub tunnel turkey turtle two uh-oh up walking walrus water whale window work wow zoo

He also says (regularly) the following proper names (including some of his famously awesome nicknames):

Mama, Dada, Nathan (as “Nay-nay” or “Nay-kuh”), Grandma (as “Ma-mi”), Grandpa (as “Pa-pa”), Kelly (also, “Kiki”), Bel, Marty, Daniel, Emily (as “Animal”), Sarah (as “Rah-rah”), Courtney (as “Cookie”), Maya, Priya, Andy, Albert, P.J., Elmo.

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