New Photos


We’ve gotten hints that we haven’t been uploading enough photos recently, so here’s a big batch of the cutest boy. In fact, Nathan’s so cute, he stops traffic and brings it back around for a second look! We were out at dinner the other night, and an older woman started making googly eyes at Nate — not an uncommon occurrence. She asked how old he was, called him “darling,” and said he was “too cute for TV,” even. But more impressive was that, after her friends joined her for dinner, she came back over and said, “I told my friend she just had to see this little guy! He’s too cute to be believed!”

The other new link is some video of Nathan wrestling with his dad and thoroughly enjoying himself. He’s putting all his moves to good use, laughing all the way.

In addition to that, Nate’s been working on teeth (we’re up to 7!) and starting some real food, not just the whipped stuff out of jars. Favorites: avocado, tortillas, beef. Good thing we’ve been hitting Chuy’s about once a week.

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