Bachelor pad.

So, we’ve been sick. All of us. At various times. If you’re reading this thinking “oh, I must have given it to one of them,” don’t worry about it: we’ve come in contact with at least a half-dozen people with assorted maladies and microbes.

At the moment, Nathan is a few days into his amoxicillin for a raging bilateral ear infection (precipitated by a cold) and feeling pretty good again; I’m mostly through a two-week bout with a similar cold. Unfortunately, Erin (who had pretty much recovered from her cold) has just come down with viral gastroenteritis (TMI? sorry), which prompted us to send her to stay with her folks for the weekend. It sounds extreme, but every time Nate gets sick, he starts leaning his head and stops working as hard on his development; moreover, gastroenteritis is particularly dangerous for babies (due to dehydration, potassium loss, and so on). So we’d really prefer to spare him the second round of illness that we’ve each enjoyed.

The upshot (if you can call it that) is that this is therefore Boys’ Weekend (all we need is a treehouse) and we are doing some serious hanging out. Today included snacks (peas; oatmeal) and a trip to Rice to see the sights (Nathan’s favorites: a red Mini Cooper, a leering squirrel, and the welder on the Wellness Center construction site who waved back). We also had dinner together and then finished up with some activities: rolling over to reach toys, and clapping.

We miss Nathan’s mom quite a lot, and can’t wait to see her Sunday night…but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a fun Saturday.

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