Hello, world.

…a little blog for a little boy.

“Nathan Sandler reading.”

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Tonight as Nathan was getting ready for bed, he refused to let Dan sit down with him to read books. Instead, he got in his chair, picked up The Snowy Day, and opened it, saying, “Snowy Day. Nathan Sandler reading.” And proceeded to look through it “all by myself.”

So I guess we’re done parenting now. Good time to have another one!

Nathan would like to read you a story

Two hundred

Nathan talks a lot. I mean, a lot. He repeats what we say, sure, but he has plenty of words of his own—that is, words he can use unprompted to identify things in his world or ideas that occur to him.

We’re in Houston for the holidays and it occurred to us to count how many words Nate really has. Experts seem to vary on the subject of how many words the average 18-month-old has, but the average seems to be around 10–20.

Nathan has 200. Seriously. The full list follows:

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Hello from Boston!

Hi again, friends.

We’ve all been busy moving in to a new house, starting new jobs and new schools, and adjusting to life in a new city. It’s kind of exhausting!

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There are more new photos of The Boy (and, occasionally, his parents) over on my Flickr page. Here are a few to get you started:

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Finally, Nathan has some tricks he’d like to show you:

One year old.

We can’t believe it, but here we are. The boy has grown (and grown…and grown) and is—at month twelve of life—completely awesome.

So, you know, we threw a party to mark the occasion. Like you do.

Fig. 1.   Mushface.

A tradition around here—of which I was unaware until my niece Emily’s first birthday, a little over three years ago—is to give the baby a slice of birthday cake (or, in Emily’s case, a whole baby-sized cake to herself) to do with as s/he will. It is, in principle, a horrifying spectacle, but when it’s your kid it’s actually pretty cute. (Also: props to Nate for being more fastidious than any of us thought possible.)

A few more pictures from the birthday are over on Flickr as usual.


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As you may know, I have been steadfastly enforcing a strict “no haircuts” policy for The Boy; this course of action has been consistently supported by Grandma Makulski, but on some level I think we’ve both always known it couldn’t go on forever.

So: for his first birthday, a first haircut.

Last day of school

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Nathan had his last day at Rice Children’s Campus last week. It was a sad day all around. We will miss the wonderful teachers there. We’ve found a great daycare for him in Massachusetts, too, but this will have a special place in our hearts as the first one. His teachers were so thoughtful, and they made him a memory scrapbook of pictures of his class. Dad took last day pictures, too (warning: Mom and teachers openly crying).

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Nate will have his first birthday next Monday! We’ll have cake this weekend, so stay tuned for pictures and possibly video of that.

11 months old.

We’ve been bad parents. Well, bad parent bloggers, anyway. Two whole months went by without a single update here; you’d think nothing was going on with The Boy. On the contrary, he’s been expanding his vocabulary, playing with new toys, learning to eat everything he can get his hands on (even matzah), taking trips to the pool and the beach, and trying oh so very hard to start crawling.

Nate’s favorite pastime these days is reading (which will surprise none of you who knows his mother). Here he is at his new table, paging through one of his favorite books:

We’ll try to stay on top of updates, particularly as we wind up Nathan’s first year on the planet and get ready to move to Boston. In fact, Erin and I leave tomorrow morning for a weeklong trip to check out day cares and apartments in the Somerville/Medford area; I’ll also be interviewing for a job at a company you’ve heard of—and maybe already work for. (Nate will be sitting this one out, choosing instead to stay with his doting grandparents Makulski.) Wish us (all) luck!

New Photos


We’ve gotten hints that we haven’t been uploading enough photos recently, so here’s a big batch of the cutest boy. In fact, Nathan’s so cute, he stops traffic and brings it back around for a second look! We were out at dinner the other night, and an older woman started making googly eyes at Nate — not an uncommon occurrence. She asked how old he was, called him “darling,” and said he was “too cute for TV,” even. But more impressive was that, after her friends joined her for dinner, she came back over and said, “I told my friend she just had to see this little guy! He’s too cute to be believed!”

The other new link is some video of Nathan wrestling with his dad and thoroughly enjoying himself. He’s putting all his moves to good use, laughing all the way.

In addition to that, Nate’s been working on teeth (we’re up to 7!) and starting some real food, not just the whipped stuff out of jars. Favorites: avocado, tortillas, beef. Good thing we’ve been hitting Chuy’s about once a week.

Fighting techniques.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of interacting with Nathan in the last few days will agree that he seems to be training for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Here are some of his unstoppable new moves:

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Fig. 1: Head-butting.

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Fig. 2: Hair-pulling.

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Fig. 3: Eye-gouging.

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Fig. 3: Make-up hugging.