Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well, it's April first: the day every year that, as mandated by Internet Engineering Task Force standards, the whole Web goes batshit insane. I predict several high-profile bloggers will announce that they have been acquired by Microsoft or Google or the Clinton campaign, or some other equally ridiculous and tiresome lie.

No lies here. In fact, inspired by tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother, I'm prepared to tell you the truth for the very first time.

This will come as no surprise to Chris, Jeremy, and the countless dozens I have met over the years who have suspected what I am about to reveal. I am, in fact, Doogie.

Credit, of course, is due to Chris, who was in 2005 the first to construct a compelling argument:

I have decided that now is the time for me to reveal the following additional photographic evidence from my extensive archives. As for the fact that the image on the left (from the show's opening title sequence) and the photo on the right (at the House of Pies on Kirby) were taken about seven years apart, I can only say that I age very slowly...and avoided haircuts for the better part of 1996.

Hopefully this will put the matter to rest, once and for all. I think I owe all of you an apology for denying, for so many years, my essential role in early 1990s pop culture. I've learned that it's important to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments...even the ones that seem, to older and wiser eyes, embarrassingly juvenile.

Thanks for reading my blog. I think you'll agree that it was awesome._

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