june 10, 2001
23:16  # This is where I used to live:

flooding on I-10

From the Dallas News.
april 18, 2001
16:39  # This is terrible. We're all so damned immature.
april 15, 2001
04:16  # You know, it's funny. I've been trying to think about the whole Uncertainty Thing. I can say with certainty that we've never really been this unsure of things before. Get jobs out of school? Sure. Move to Boston? Sounds like fun! Marriage? no problem. Move across the country again? Bring it on.

I think — rather, I'm quite sure — that it relates to the degree of control we have over the situation. Deciding to pack up all your worldly belongings and your family (2 humans, 2 felines) and set off on some new adventure is one thing; being forced to do so is entirely another.

Making things still trickier all around is my recent realization that my job is very important to me, and that a great deal of my personal happiness is bound up irrevocably in my work. The thing is, if forced to go find a new job in a new city (or even an old one), I'm quite sure I'd have no idea what to look for. The qualities of work that I have discovered to be most important are (of course!) those that most skillfully elude description. For example:

Not a useful qualifier: This job involves User Interfaces!
Useful qualifier: There are smart people here; you'll learn lots from them.
Not a useful qualifier: This job involves C++, or Java, or C#, or XML, or JavaScript!
Useful qualifier: This job will make your brain hurt. A lot. As if you had taken it to the gym for the first time ever. And made it use free-weights.
Not a useful qualifier: You'll rise fast here!
Useful qualifier: You'll quickly build credibility from your peers and supervisors, and with that credibility comes respect, and with that respect comes responsibility.
Did you see that? Not a single one of the "useful" qualities can be ascertained from a job listing, an interview, or a tour.

Isn't that sneaky?

03:54  # It has been a very, very long time since I've written here.

(dusts off blogger account)

For the first time in as long as I can remember, Erin and I are grappling with serious uncertainty. Will Erin have a job? Will Dan have a job? How long before we start looking for new work? How long can we live on one, or no, salaries? How long can we last out here?

It was truly the siren's call. It was glorious, infectious, and — above all — satisfying.

But like so many sailors before me, I could be eaten at any moment.

july 6, 2000
21:09  #

user experience inaction

this is where i work.

may 8, 2000
10:15  # Further evidence that this trip was meant to be: due to internal difficulties unrelated to our project with them, redrocket.com has shut down:
"Red Rocket is closing operations effective 4PM EST. May 5, 2000. If you have already placed an order it will be fulfilled by Wednesday May 10, 2000."

may 2, 2000
12:53  # So here's the story.

On the night of April 16, I found myself thinking about a friend of mine from long ago and how I had asked him to be best man at my wedding. I then thought to myself, "I haven't talked to him in six months; I sure hope he's still coming!"

This epiphany was followed almost immediately with the ringing of my telephone.

A week later, Erin and I found ourselves in Menlo Park, CA, seeing the sights and meeting the people of the area.

We also toured the offices at 800 El Camino Real, where I have agreed to start work next month.

(to be continued ...)

may 1, 2000
13:44  # The rumors are true. We're leaving Boston.

Sing along with us.

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