Burger report: Smashburger

The title of this post should properly be “Holy crap! Smashburger is Awesome!,” but for consistency’s sake, I’m leaving it as it is.

Dan and I tried Smashburger the day after it opened last week, to see if it would be worth taking my mom to to try for our burger hunting. It was amazing, so when we saw her later that day we told her about it. Kelly was so impressed by our gushing, which included the statement that it was better than Scotty P’s in Dallas, that she demanded we all make a trip before she went back to Dallas after Christmas.

All four — including Kelly’s guest vote — votes having been cast as “fantastic,” Smashburger gets a record 4 thumbs up. It’s clearly the best burger any of us has had in Houston so far, and here’s why: they use soft egg buns that toast really well, and they start fluffy, but compress nicely when you squeeze down on the burger to eat; the patties are clearly hand-formed, right before cooking, with little crisp edges and filigrees coming off in all directions; the condiments are well-applied, so that they’re noticeable, but not overpowering; and, as a bonus, they serve what Dan calls “the closest fries to McDonald’s” that he’s ever had.

Locals will probably scoff at the newcomer, as Smashburger is a chain based in Colorado. In fact, they have only two locations outside of Colorado: Wichita, KS, and now, Houston. The fact that it’s not a Texas-grown burger will probably not allow Houstonians to call it the “best” in Houston, but we’ve tried the hole-in-the-wall, native Houston places, and they simply don’t compare. I don’t care where the product is from, as long as it tastes this good.

Dan and I have, in fact, now had Smashburger three times in a week. That seems like gluttony, I know, but a) it’s the holidays, and b) we had it today as a last family hurrah before I have to go into isolation for a few days from my thyroid radiation therapy. As a result, though, I can now report that Smashburger doesn’t travel all that well. It was still a great burger, but not nearly as good as eating in.

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