Burger report: Southwell’s Hamburger Grill

Sleeping peacefullyWe went on our first post-Natal burger excursion today. As you can see from the picture, Nate geared up for his first adventure by resting up. He also napped through the whole lunch, too.

We, including our guest burger judge, Dan, tried Southwell’s today. We ended up there after realizing that all the burger places we really wanted to try (Lankford Grocery, Bellaire Broiler Burger, Christian’s Totem) are closed on Sundays. Dan had suggested Barnaby’s, but, as I’ve described before, Barnaby’s doesn’t qualify for “best burger” status. Southwell’s receives mixed reviews in web searches, but it had enough positive comments to call it a contender.

An important note, before I describe the Southwell’s burgers: we decided today to implement a 3-thumbs rating system. Each of us will rate each burger with a yes, no, or half thumb. Retroactively, we’ve given Prince’s 1.5 thumbs and Pappas BBQ 1 thumb. A restaurant has to receive 3 thumbs to be a contender for the best burger in Houston.

Southwell got 2.5 thumbs, making it the best burger so far. The buns were nothing special, and they were very mashed down on the grill, although they tasted good. The patties were thin, but tasted good, and the fries were like In-N-Out fries, well-done (i.e., very good). In fact, all in all, Southwell’s was really the closest to In-N-Out that I’ve come across in Houston. (So you Californians will have to try it when you come visit…) The cheese was very high quality, and despite some pickle-clumping issues on my burger, the condiments were well-applied.

What I learned from the Southwell’s trip is that a thicker patty is one of my criteria for a really good burger. The thin patties just get too dried out. The burgers and fries were very good at Southwell’s, but it’s really not a contender for the best burger in Houston.

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