Burger report: We’re not alone

Apparently, the quest for an elusive burger is not ours alone (mine, Dan’s, and my mom’s, I mean). I previously mentioned that our gold standard was from a bar in Empire, MI, which we don’t know the name of and definitely couldn’t find again if we wanted to. The exact same story line formed the plot of the September 29 episode of How I Met Your Mother. I guess it must be a common experience to have had an amazing burger someplace and then never be able to find it again. Dan has dubbed this “Burgerdoon”.

For those who are wondering, the burger reporting has somewhat been put on hold with the arrival of Nathan and the new school year. Nate will definitely accompany us on future research, but those visits now have to wait for my mom to have a school break or something. Good burger places are just too crowded on weekends to conduct research then.

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