Who’s the Chosen One, again?

I don’t Twitter, so I’m sort of live-blogging John McCain’s speech tonight. There’s been quite a bit of hoopla from the right suggesting that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. McCain himself even ran an ad lampooning the idea that Obama is the “Chosen One.”

So I can’t help but notice the language in McCain’s biographical video just before his speech to the Republican National Convention: “What good fortune that America will choose this leader at precisely this time. The stars are aligned.” Who thinks of himself as the Chosen One again? Whose election will “save” America? Ah, hypocrisy…

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  1. Stefanie Simmons
    September 5th, 2008 20:04

    So glad I googled you. Congratulations to you and Dan on parenthood! Nathan is beautiful. Matt and I have two children now, Zoe 3 and Vivienne 6 months. Let’s talk soon and catch up. Still in Ann Arbor,

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