Who wants to be a Republican?

After watching Rudy Giuliani’s and Sarah Palin’s speeches last night, I have to wonder. I didn’t hear substantive arguments or positive plans; I heard negative, mocking speeches from both of them. Now, I didn’t watch or read Joe Biden’s speech at the Democrats’ convention, so maybe he took on the attack dog role that both Giuliani and Palin seemed to revel in last night for the Republicans. But I did watch Hillary Clinton’s and Bill Clinton’s and part of Al Gore’s and all of Barack Obama’s speeches last week. I didn’t hear them mocking John McCain, calling him essentially just a stuffed shirt, claiming that he’s the creation of Hollywood, and so forth.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was the most direct, saying that John McCain is not what we need and will take the country in a direction we don’t want to go, but even she didn’t make ad hominem attacks. In fact, almost all of Giuliani’s and Palin’s criticisms were ad hominem, whereas the Democrats were very careful to remain respectful of John McCain throughout their convention. It’s these sorts of speeches that make me actively hate the Republican party and wonder who actually considers himself a Republican. Apparently, we can’t have disagreements or discussions or debates in politics. Apparently, at least as the Republicans would have it, we have to belittle and attack and ridicule each other. The fact that the Democrats don’t do that, at least not at the level of the leaders of the party, causes the Republicans to call them wimps. I’d rather belong to the party of wimps than the party of bullies.

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