Notes from parenthood, vol. 1

  • Note 1: Upon leaving The Dark Knight on Saturday, I noted my appearance in the bathroom mirror. As I rejoined Dan on the way out, I commented that I must be a mom now, because no one else would think a hot pink shirt went with a baby blue cardigan. And yet the perpetual juxtaposition of pink and blue in baby hospital garb has totally inured me to it.
  • Note 2: Nathan’s getting ready to move from his bassinet to his crib, because he yesterday demonstrated his ability to roll entirely onto one side, which brings his face perilously close to the padded bassinet side. This is fine with us, because his bassinet is haunted. Starting Saturday morning, the various parts of the bassinet began turning themselves on without human intervention. My mom and I were out in the living room, talking, and had the bassinet out with us (Nathan was not in it), when the mobile started going around and its music started playing. When Dan got home from his conference, we mentioned it to him, and he was skeptical. But again, while we were talking about it, I asked, “Is the vibration going?” Sure enough, my mom stepped over to it and put her hand down and jumped back, saying, “Yes!” Dan was convinced enough to posit that we are part of the plot of Stephen King’s Bassinet, and we’ve had to do a hard shut-down at the switch to stop it entirely, so it doesn’t creep us out overnight.
  • Note 3: Babies look cute in Pooh Bear bath wraps.

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