Victim of the economy?

I’ve been noticing that all the fountain soda I have consumed lately has tasted terrible. Basically, every mix seems to be off in the direction of too little carbonation and too much syrup. This is a particularly sad joke on me, because I’d really laid off all soda while pregnant. Because of my risk for gestational diabetes (which I didn’t get), I stayed away from soda with corn syrup, and because of the lack of research on the effects of artificial sweeteners on fetuses, I didn’t consume diet sodas either.

Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I was working some back into my diet, although less than before, because I was proud of myself for having somewhat kicked the habit. Imagine my sadness, then, that all the sodas I’ve had post-pregnancy have been terrible. I even indulged in a Coke — my first Coke in over a year! — at the movies on Saturday, and it, too, was flat.

Since this has been happening everywhere I’ve gotten soda lately, I’m wondering whether all the distributors or retail outlets are changing their mixes. Is the syrup less expensive than the carbonation? I’m chalking it up to the bad economy. I have no other explanation.

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  1. Cornelia Lambert
    August 19th, 2008 09:46

    Dear Erin –

    My name is Cornelia Lambert and we met several years ago at the SCSECS meeting in Tulsa. Sorry I am writing you this way, but I have’t been able to find an email for you.

    At SCESECS I gave a paper on Robert Owen and am working on my dissertation about his place in Scottish history — I can’t remember if you were in my session or not. I know I heard yours, because I remember your work on Macpherson and was less dismissive than some of the fogeys in the session, as I recall!

    I was writing to ask you what, if any, resources you are using to ask questions about truth claims in 18th C Scotland. I’ve been using Budge’s edited volume on _Romantic Empiricism_ and a volume called _The Ruins
    of Experience_ to take on the notion of what constituted proof in this time period. I thought you might have some advice. I’m arguing that Owen’s presentation of his utopian community failed in some respects (for some audiences) because of different ideas about what his public demonstrations meant or proved.

    Let me know if you have any ideas………. no rush. I know you’re busy these days with the new little one.

    In other news, I have found that soda takes crappy when I go off of it for a month or so (the longest I’ve ever been off). I’ve been off “real” sodas for several years but go on temporary breaks from diet versions every time I’m in the UK because they don’t taste good over there. When I get back I’m initially excited that soda tastes bad, because then perhaps I’ll give it up. But I’m sitting here with a 44oz thirst buster as we speak, so you see how well I carry that out.

    Congrats on the baby.

    Cornelia Lambert
    University of Oklahoma
    Department of History of Science

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