My boys

I have in the past referenced the show My Boys, which is one of the best sitcoms on TV. This summer, however, I got my own gang, with the arrival of Nathan on the scene. My house is now tilted hopelessly in a male direction, especially when you throw the cats in. We’re a house of four boys and two girls now. I’m happy with that, though. Especially when they’re this cute, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by boys?

Seriously, the sight of Dan in his McDreamy scrubs alone may have rendered the C-section worthwhile. And the image of Dan handling the baby, his gear, and phone calls at the same time is just hilarious. I wasn’t able to really laugh for two weeks after the surgery, on account of the hurting, but I just busted out last weekend when Dan brought me all that at once. In case there was any doubt, I’m totally in love with my boys.

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