TV cutbacks

I’ve been giving some consideration to my TV watching schedule, now that Nathan has arrived. It’s clear that things will have to go. Friends, Office, and Law & Order reruns have already been axed. We have a massive pile-up of Earth: The Biography and Shark Week shows waiting to be watched. And it took us three sittings over the course of four days to get through the season premiere of Mad Men. So a re-prioritization must happen, in the form of letting go of some things and shuffling around the viewing of others.

Desperate Housewives — no big loss, I think; I’m pretty sure it’s jumped the shark with its leap forward five years anyway.
Law & Order and SVU — I can catch up on these some future year in reruns anyway, so again, I’m not sorry to see them go.

On the bubble:
Private Practice — I did enjoy this, but since Dan doesn’t watch it with me, it’s hard to keep it on the schedule. I may make it an afternoon show while Nate’s napping or something, if there’s time.
Ugly Betty — another that Dan doesn’t watch, so again, possibly another afternoon show. I do really love Ugly Betty, so I’d hate to drop it altogether.

How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory
The Office
Grey’s Anatomy

Lost is the only thing guaranteed to be watched on its original night. The rest are up for grabs as to when they’ll get watched. I’m thinking over the weekends sometime. And of course, this schedule doesn’t allow for anything new to be added. I’m thinking that’s OK, too, though, because I haven’t heard about anything particularly great coming up this fall.

Now we know: babies? more important than TV. On that note, there will be more baby stuff forthcoming when Dan gets back from his conference and can help me post pictures.

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