Oh, right … that

With somewhere between four and six weeks to go before Nathan arrives, I’m finding that I have at least one moment a day where I’m pulled up short and think to myself, “Oh, right … I’m pregnant.” It usually happens when I pass a mirror.

You’d think after nine months of this, I’d be used to it, but surprisingly there are a lot of times throughout the day where I kind of forget altogether that I’m pregnant. This is a good thing. Such moments usually occur when I’m doing really non-pregnancy-related things, like reading or talking to friends. I spend good chunks of my day engaged in tasks specifically related to the baby, like putting away his clothes or rearranging kitchen cupboards to make room for his bottles, but these aren’t the sorts of things that can occupy a whole day. And given that I’m on “bed rest”(ish), there’s a lot of day to fill. It’s a good day when I can still find enough to distract me from just sitting and brooding about being pregnant and wishing he’d just get here already.

The other upside to this is that, even with all the complications that I do and have had throughout the pregnancy, I’m not experiencing a lot of the typical discomforts that the books warn you about. I’m still fairly mobile. No back pain. No heartburn. No irrational cravings. Minimal mood swings. More or less sleeping through the night, if I don’t nap during the day (meaning that I only get up once after a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep, and I’m able to get back to sleep for another couple hours). So on the whole I am happy that I’m able to forget about the pregnancy for long stretches of the day, because if I were experiencing these things, it would never be far from my mind. On the other hand, you know, it would be perfectly fine if he would just hurry up and get here already.

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