Have you been injured?

I saw again last night a billboard along U.S. 59 advertising a personal injury lawyer’s services for injuries pertaining to 18-wheeler accidents. I can’t help thinking that these attorneys are getting overly specific. How many 18-wheeler accidents are there every year? And how many people are injured in them? Moreover, how many of that pool of people live in Houston and would need this particular attorney’s help?

A quick Google search immediately revealed a full page of results (and more, of course) hyping 18-wheeler accident attorneys’ services, so either this is much more frequent a phenomenon than I think it is, or they’re trying to create their own market. One website claims that 18-wheeler accidents account for 1 out of every 8 traffic accidents, 500,000 per year, so perhaps it is bigger than I think. Perhaps if I watched overly-sensationalized local news instead of relying on NBC Nightly News I would be more scared.

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