I’m so happy that it’s all coming to an end. The semester, that is. I think I may be more looking forward to that wrapping up than to Nathan’s birth, at least at this point. This has been a hard semester, and I can’t wait for it to be over.

Of course, the two countdowns are really intertwined. Part of the reason this semester has been so hard is that the physical reality of pregnancy has often kept me from doing work in the manner and at the pace to which I’ve become accustomed. Moreover, I’m looking forward to the fact that I expect to be at least slightly more comfortable when I don’t have to look nice, shlep a bag around, or walk at least 3/4 of a mile a day to get to and from my classes. And finally, part of my relief at the semester ending is that I can then focus on the birth: planning the bris, getting the house ready, and all the things that I’ve had to resist allowing to overwhelm my schoolwork.

I’m writing my theory paper this weekend, (hopefully) finishing my article today, and then I just have to read for and write my Renaissance women paper. In any event, all of that should be done by the end of next weekend. Then I just have to grade my students’ papers, but I get faster and faster with that every semester. I figure they’re never going to get them back (I think in 6 semesters of teaching, out of about 300 students, I’ve had maybe 5 or 6 ever that requested their final papers back), so I don’t bother to write comments. Read, grade, read, grade, read, grade… It goes pretty quickly.

All should be done by May 8, which, coincidentally, is Dan’s birthday, so it would be extra-nice to be finished by then.

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