Houston weather

NB: This is another “challenges of pregnancy” post, so read on only if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

We’ve had an odd spring in Houston so far. Starting in about February (which is when spring starts in Houston), it’s gotten warm — into the 70s and now 80s — for a week or even two at a time, and then, WHAM!, we get a freakish cold snap. This happened again on Friday. We woke up somewhere around 4:30 a.m. to the sound of a huge, blowy thunderstorm that hadn’t completely abated by the time I was leaving for campus at 7:30. As a result, Thursday’s high of 80° turned into Friday morning’s 62°, which had then dropped to 58° by the time I was coming back from campus at 10:00.

Normally, I wouldn’t be complaining about this kind of swing in temperatures. Having a chilly, wet day is, in general, right up my alley. But the pregnancy makes dressing difficult under normal circumstances, and my maternity wardrobe is not built to handle this kind of change. I got a very limited number of long-sleeved shirts back in January and February when I started to need maternity stuff, because I knew that by the time I was really showing (say, March), it would be getting warm in Houston. Well, just one day of cold, blowy rain kind of wiped out my options. I got drenched on the way in from the parking lot, even with an umbrella, so when I got home, I had to change, thus precipitating (ha!) a wardrobe change from one of my few long-sleeved shirts into another. Fortunately, Saturday was back up to 80°, so I’m back to my short- and no-sleeved shirts again.

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