The prescience of Dan

When I mentioned to Dan yesterday, with a snort, that Hillary Clinton had adopted the Rocky theme song as a campaign theme song for herself (in a blatant attempt to pander to Philadelphians, I might add), his immediate response was, “Didn’t Rocky lose, though?” Turns out he’s not the only one to have noticed that minor flaw in Clinton’s plan. The message, upon reflection, seems to be quite deliberate: “No, I won’t win. But I won’t quit either.”

One Response to “The prescience of Dan”

  1. Dan
    April 2nd, 2008 07:21

    It’s worse than that.

    Rocky, up against a superior adversary, somehow endures the entire length of the contest—ensuring that both fighters are badly injured. The bout is eventually decided by judges: 2 for Creed, 1 for Balboa.

    So the message is: “No, I won’t win, but I’ll take you down with me. Enjoy your Pyrrhic victory.”

    Sounds more and more like prescience on Clinton’s part.

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