Scheduling conflict

I was pleased to see this article today, about how the producers of The Dark Knight have decided to move forward with promoting the new Batman movie precisely as they would have if Heath Ledger were still alive. As director Christopher Nolan says in the article, “I think he’d be very pleased to see we’re just moving ahead as is … If you try to honor somebody, you honor them by respecting their work and putting it out there for as many people to see. He was immensely proud of the work he did on the film. I feel a great burden to present that in an undistorted form.” I think that’s exactly right.

However, I was not happy to see this in the article: “‘The Dark Knight’ is due in theaters July 18.” Someone over at Warner Bros. has obviously not been told about my July 14 due date. OK, so listen up, Nate: If you would like to arrive two weeks early so Mom can go see her new Batman movie, that would be supercool. Thx. (Yeah, he already uses IM-speak.)

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  1. Paul Tevis
    March 14th, 2008 16:29

    I’ve got a friend at Warners I could talk to, but I don’t think it would help.

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