Shameless plug

Rarely, if ever, do I endorse a particular product, but Dan got me the best Chanukah gift ever this year, and I have to share. It’s the Snoogle, which is a full-body pillow designed for pregnancy. It’s so awesome.

It feels like sleeping in a cocoon or hammock or something, and it takes the pressure off of knees and hips, which is astonishingly important even this early in pregnancy. I didn’t think that I would already be uncomfortable or have trouble sleeping, but the Snoogle has alleviated those problems. The thing is, it’s so comfy that I’ll probably keep it past pregnancy. I made Dan try it one day, and after his initial reluctance, he enthusiastically snuggled into it. I wake up and find him encroaching on it and have to reclaim my Snoogle in the middle of the night. Therefore I’m shamelessly plugging the Snoogle for maximum sleep comfort.

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