This will be the weirdest Thanksgiving for my family, I think. This year, it will just be my parents, Dan and me. It’s Kelly’s year to be with her in-laws, and Marty and his family are still in London. The remaining four of us gave some thought to how we wanted to celebrate — we looked into going out to eat, we talked about inviting a bunch of family friends, we discussed doing something other than a turkey dinner — but ultimately we’ve come back around to a traditional, albeit small, turkey dinner for four.

What will be hard is that Thanksgiving, to me, and to my brother, I believe, is actually a more important family holiday than Christmas. I’ve never missed a family Thanksgiving. The one year that looked in danger — my freshman year, when I was at American University in D.C. — Marty called and said, “You have to be here for Thanksgiving. I’m flying you home.” We kept it as an awesome secret, and that’s still one of the best memories of my life, walking in and surprising my parents. Marty and I have discussed that Thanksgiving is really more important to us than Christmas, although I know my mom and Kelly disagree. So it’ll be especially weird not to have Marty, Darlene and Isabel with us.

Anyway, we’ll have a nice day. I’ve told my mom that she doesn’t have to go all out, and I’ve offered multiple times to help cook or bake things, but she insists it’s “simple.” So for our “simple” meal, we’re getting a turkey somwhere in the neighborhood of 10 pounds, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and cranberry dressing. She is “only” making one pie, though. (Apple, for the curious.)

Happy Thanksgiving, especially to my siblings far and wide.

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