Sweatless George

George Lewis is one of NBC News’ most-honored correspondents.” He is also some kind of genetic miracle, who ought to be studied for future “stay-cool” technologies.

Sometime over the summer, Dan and I started watching the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on a regular basis. I had tuned into Katie Couric’s aggressive, “I am so a serious reporter; dammit, you will take me seriously” CBS evening newscast, and I hated it. On the other hand, I felt that as an “adult” I should be watching national news at least semi-regularly. We then tried Brian Williams’ newscast and were very impressed by it. Not to digress, but Williams seems human, and NBC does a good job of covering events around the nation, not just in New York and Washington. Plus, they frequently send Williams to where the big story is happening, which we really like.

Anyway, we’ve been able to observe that in every story he files, George Lewis is considerably overdressed for the climate he’s in. When reporting about record high temperatures in Las Vegas in August, for example, he was standing in the afternoon sun in a long-sleeve, button-down shirt and khakis. This week, covering the wildfires in California, he’s been reporting in the same outfit, but with a windbreaker on top. He seems unaware of the irony in talking about how hot it is while dressing as if it’s at least 20 degrees cooler than it actually is. I mean, I understand that NBC probably has a policy that all reporters must wear long sleeves when on camera, but the jacket is a bit much. That has to be by choice.

Thus, Dan and I have dubbed him “Sweatless George” Lewis, and we get a kick out of seeing what he’s wearing each night and assessing whether it’s temperature-appropriate for where he is. I’m sure as the temperatures cool to the 70s in Los Angeles, as they’re expected to do in the next few days, he’ll break out his flannel sheets and cashmere sweaters.

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